Dr. Caitlin

Children's Health


Children are not miniature adults. Their smaller and rapidly developing bodies and minds differ substantially from those of fully grown humans. Children need specially trained healthcare providers who understand these differences.

“Children respond well to the safe and gentle approach of natural medicine,” says Dr. Caitlin O’Connor.

“One of the hallmarks of natural medicine is the treatment of the whole person,” says Dr. O’Connor. “All too often, busy healthcare providers turn to pharmaceuticals to treat isolated symptoms – without taking the time to discover the root causes behind these symptoms. Where vulnerable children are concerned, it is especially important to consider alternatives to often-harsh pharmaceuticals.”

Dr. O’Connor consults with children, their parents and their families on a wide range of health issues, including food introduction, allergies, asthma, eczema, ADHD, vaccines, immune support, constipation and general gastrointestinal health.

“When a Naturopathic Doctor consults with a minor, who cannot make decisions for him- or herself, the role of the parent and family in any healthcare plan becomes extremely important,” said Dr. O’Connor.

“I am careful to respect the unique belief systems of all my families,” said Dr. O’Connor. “My patients include single parents, same-sex couples and traditional families of all kinds. Their parenting philosophies range from Dr. Sears to Dr. Spock.”

At Bastyr University, Dr. O’Connor was founder and president of the Bastyr Univrsity Pediatrics Club, where she arranged for presentations on subjects like pre-conception care, food introduction, autism research, homeopathy and children, attachment parenting and adolescent medicine.

Dr. O’Connor’s actions resulted in the addition of an Advanced Pediatrics elective to Bastyr University’s medical curriculum as well as an off-site school-based clinic shift dedicated to pediatric health care for low-income children.

In addition to clinical work, Dr.O’Connor lectures frequently on a number of topics related to children’s health including natural first aid, solid food introduction and an integrated approach to vaccines.

For more information regarding natural health options for your child, contact Dr. Caitlin at (720) 855-3160 or submit the contact form below.