Dr. Caitlin



After putting on major weight by indulging in every single thing imaginable -  brie cheeses, cakes, cookies, hams, Irish liqueurs and wine nearly every day of November and December - I was feeling on the verge of a physical, mental, and psychological crisis. What I didn’t know at the time is that I would be saying goodbye to my monthly PMS migraine, my general lack of energy, my constant need for a vice, and extra weight and inches.I have gained so much from Dr. O’Connor’s guidance through this program.  I feel that if I take even half of the habits I’ve acquired through this process with me, I am going to be a much happier and healthier  person for a much longer time. I love looking in my food cabinets now and seeing an array of bulk items, medicinal foods and so much less packaging   My  fridge is  filled with things that I’ve actually made and that actually taste good. I am building that healthy, whole foods kitchen I always craved and desired. And imagine me -  a total sweets freak - who can hardly handle the sweetness of raisins now!I authentically feel really good! - AC age 32

Thank you for taking care of my health and for helping me get rid of my gallstones.  Your practice has really opened my eyes to alternatives and eating better - it changed me in a positive way.  I will always recommend you to others.  What you have done for me has enlightened my life - SW, age 45

Hi Dr C:  I recently took a position as an Assistant Professor!  This has been so exciting considering a little over 3 years ago I was pretty much unable to keep a job due to mood instability.  With your help we figured it out the cause and I've been pretty much on track ever since! - JM, 32

I came to see Dr. Caitlin O'Connor primarily for not sleeping well for almost 7 years.  After trying self-prescribed and primary care doctor-prescribed sleeping aids with very little success, I am now sleeping through most of the night after seeing Dr. Caitlin only once.  Her use of a naturally found amino acid already in the bodyhas been truly a gift to me in restoring my restful sleep pattern.  My only regret is that I waited too many years to seek out Dr. Caitlin!  Highly professional, personable, knowledgable, and very thorough, Dr. Caitlin O'Connor is an exemplary naturopathic physician. CA, age 57

Hi Mamas, just wanted to let everybody know I had a great experience meeting with Dr. Caitlin O'Connor who is a naturopathic doctor. She helped immensely and made a customized recommendations based on his individual situation.She was very nice, has a warm demeanor, professional, and very helpful!  I'd definitely recommend her if anyone needs any help in those areas or just wants a good naturopathic doctor! - ID, age 33

I brought my son L. to see you several months ago for help with colic.  I want to let you know how well he did after coming to see you just one time.  I so greatly appreciate your help.  - Much Gratitude, LB