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"Do you take insurance?" I answer this question multiple times a day, everyday.  And the short answer is no.

And the long answer is no I don't take insurance and that is is good thing.  Why?  Because if I took insurance I would be working for the insurance companies.  And I don't want to work for insurance companies, I want to work for my patients.

I never want to change what I think is best for a patient to fit into a corporate model of care that is happy to treat disease and will barely spend a penny on prevention.  I never want to squeeze 6-10 patients into an hour .  I never want to be a part of a system that focuses on profits, not patients.

I know that times are tough for a lot of people.  It can be hard to justify out-of-pocket expenses for health care when you have insurance.  However, outside of the insurance model I am free to offer the highest-quality,  personalized care.

Seeing me is a financial commitment.  However it is an investment that offers rich rewards.

In health,

Dr. Caitlin

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