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Help License Naturopathic Doctors in Colorado


Dear supporters of Naturopathic  Doctors,

If you have already written to your Representatives, we thank you!  If not, please consider taking a few minutes to contact the Representatives below---we need your help today!

Your medically trained  Naturopathic Doctor needs your help to be able practice legally  and ensure your  ongoing access to doctoral level naturopathic medicine by writing your  Representatives and Senators in SUPPORT of HB1173.  Please copy and paste email  addresses from the bottom of this email (to the Health & Environment  Committee members) along with the text we've provided for you just below.  Feel  free to add your own experience of doctoral level naturopathic  medicine.

HB 1173 has been  introduced to require the regulation of Naturopathic Doctors in Colorado.  This  important legislation would ensure that patients have a right to know that their  naturopathic doctor has attended naturopathic medical school, has passed all the  ND medical board exams and requirements, and that naturopathic doctors will be  held accountable by the state.  Colorado is one of the few states in the West  that does not require licensing of naturopathic doctors, and HB 1173 would  address that problem.

The medically trained ND's who have  attended a federally-accredited 4-year medical school institution are seeking to  have a license to practice legally within a defined scope of practice.  Right  now Colorado is one of the only Western States that does not regulate  naturopathic doctors.  This means the public cannot distinguish between people  with clinical medical training and those without.

HB1173 would provide  citizen protection by ensuring that those who call themselves naturopathic  doctors have met the professional standards for this title.

A scope  of practice very similar to that outlined in the 8 other Western States would  make it legal for medically trained ND's to diagnose and treat using  natural  modalities such as vitamins, botanical and herbal extracts, homeopathy, diet,  nutrition, and exercise.  They are NOT seeking the use of drugs or  surgery.

Other practitioners' activities will NOT  be curtailed by this bill. Other practitioners, both lay  practitioners who are performing an unlicensed activity and other health care  professionals who are currently practicing within the scope of their license  will not be affected.  They may continue to practice herbalism, homeopathy,  yoga, Ayurveda, and a whole host of other natural therapies.  The bill is  strictly seeking title protection for the term "Naturopathic Doctor."  A quick  scan of the yellow pages and internet in states that license ND's will reveal  that thousands of people  who are not ND's are practicing a wide array of  natural modalities without calling themselves ND's.

Attached you will find a short fact sheet on this bill that you can forward on with your personal letter.  Please urge your  representatives to VOTE YES ON HB1173.

This  bill is crucial for your ongoing access to Naturopathic Doctors.  Your support  is greatly appreciated.

The Colorado Association of  Naturopathic Doctors

Health & Environment Committee (House  of Representative)

Rep. Cindy Acree cindy.acree.house@state.co.us Rep. Laura Bradford laurabradford55@gmail.com Rep. J. Brown jpaul.brown.house@state.co.us Rep.Rhonda Fields  rhonda.fields.house@state.co.us Rep. Janak Joshi  janak.joshi.house@state.co.us Rep. John Michael Kefalas  john.kefalas.house@state.co.us Rep. James Kerr  james.kerr.house@state.co.us Rep. Thomas Massey  tom.massey.house@state.co.us Rep. Elizabeth McCann  beth.mccann.house@state.co.us Rep. Cherylin Peniston  cherylin.peniston.house@state.co.us Rep. James Riesberg  jim.riesberg.house@state.co.us Rep.  Sue Schafer  sue.schafer.house@state.co.us Rep. Kenneth Summers  ken.summers.house@state.co.us