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Why you need to detox now!

Actually, I was just getting your attention.  You don't need to detox now.  And my Fall Rejuvenation isn't even really a detox.  It is a jumpstart.  An introduction into a healthy way of eating that should make up 80% of your diet most days of the week.  Pair this new way of approaching food with great info on removing known toxins  from the home, fabulous ideas on self-care to support optimal organ function and a supportive, enthusiastic community of like-minded folks to help you out along the way.  Why not start now? We don't use pills, powders or special potions.  We just eat real food.  That is what makes this different.  I just read an interview with a nutritionist who stated that cleansing 1-2 times a year is like only cleaning your house once or twice a year.  I couldn't agree more.  Health is a year round process, we give you year round tools.  But you have to start somewhere, so why not start now?

Fall is a great time to take a moment to focus on your health and wellness before the craziness of the holidays begins.  It is a great time to jump start your immunity before the flu season hits.  And it is a great time to let go of some of those fun summertime indulgences that may have accidentally turned into a part of the daily routine. There is never a perfect time, but you have to start sometime.  So why not start now?