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Saving the world, one ovary at a time ...

I received a fabulous testimonial from one of my patients and I had to share it.  I love when naturopathic medicine and it's gentle, non-toxic approach help patients achieve health in a way that is truly life-altering.  This woman can to me with such devastating hormonal imbalance that another physician actually recommending removing her ovaries.  Now, sometimes surgeries are necessary and life-saving, but all too often women's organs are removed  before all the other options have been explored.  So before you or your love ones consider high-force interventions, consider the alternative. First I have to tell you that my life has completely changed, thanks to you!  After we figured out the whole Pyroluria thing, I have been consistently taking my vitamins and my symptoms of anxiety, inability to handle stress, panic attacks, crying spells, and depression have improved almost 100%.  Things are not perfect - but I can manage my life, stress, and relationships much easier now.  I can't remember the last time I felt capable of managing life.  I was recently able to find a job, I have improved my friendships, I am getting involved in activities and meeting new people.  This was never possible before.  Even my periods are much easier to manage.  Before I would be symptomatic two weeks before my period started.  Now, I don't even know I"m going to have my period until about the day before.  I am living a much more normal life.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to research my symptoms, and help me figure out what the hell was going on.  :)  You have done much more for me than any traditional doctor ever attempted.  They all immediately jumped to the conclusion that I had mental health issues and needed to be medicated or recommended I have surgery to remove my ovaries and undergo extensive hormone replacement options.  All of those options would have changed my life forever, with no hope of recovery.  Now I feel like I have a second opportunity to make life what I want now that I have my health back!  Thank you Thank you Thank you!