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Nutritional Deficit Disorder

I am currently reading  Dr. William Sears newest offering, The NDD Book.  NDD stands for Nutrient Deficit Disorder and Dr. Sears believes that it is a contributing factor to many of the "D disorders," from ADHD to GERD to diabetes, that are becoming alarmingly prevalent in kids.  This is my favorite quote so far: "You put junk food into a child's brain, you get back junk behavior, junk learning, and junk mood.  It's as simple as that!"

Now, we know it isn't always as simple as that.  But, almost always, what we eat matters.  Most medical conditions are a complex blend of genetics and environment.  Often times, we emphasize the genes, which we can't change, over the environment, which we can.

However, change is easier said then done.  The culture of food in the United States is totally deranged.  Much of what constitutes "food" now would be totally unrecognizable to our great-grandparents.

So it becomes the responsibility of  families to create a culture of real food and pass that legacy down to their children.

So where do we start?  As my patients know, I frequently recommend two cookbooks - Whole Life Nutrition and Feeding the Whole Family.  Both of these books are not only full of family - friendly recipes, but they provide a basic groundwork for whole foods cooking.  Many of us don't know how to cook whole grains, use dried beans or make tasty vegetable dishes.  No worries, because these cookbooks provide simple instructions that will have you cruising the bulk aisle and perusing new produce in no time.

Get cooking!

Dr. Caitlin