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Winter Rejuvenation Cleanse

With the Winter Rejuvenation cleanse coming to a close, I invited my dear friend, owner and creative director of Sol Vida Dance!,  April Charmaine, to guest blog about her personal experience with the program.  I was impressed and inspired by what she had to say.  Enjoy! After putting on major weight by indulging in every single thing imaginable -  brie cheeses, cakes, cookies, hams, Irish liqueurs and wine nearly every day of November and December - I was feeling on the verge of a physical, mental, and psychological crisis.

Then along came my friend, Dr. O’Connor and the All Families Natural Health Winter Rejuvenation program. I’d wanted to cleanse my body for sometime now, but didn’t have the conviction or moral support to do it. On January 18, I found out that would I be saying goodbye to all my best friends: caffeine, animal products, GLUTEN, SUGAR, and alcohol. What I didn’t know at the time is that I would be saying goodbye to my monthly PMS migraine, my general lack of energy, my constant need for a vice, and extra weight and inches.

After the second week of the cleanse, I really began to get over my withdrawal symptoms and began to feel a “zinging” energy which I’m still maintaining today. Three weeks later, my zest for life has dramatically increased and I am producing like never before. I truly believe this is because I am taking care of myself by eating whole foods and  drinking so much more water. Go figure, it is actually not that difficult.

I have gained so much from Dr. O’Connor’s guidance through this program.  I feel that if I take even half of the habits I’ve acquired through this process with me, I am going to be a much happier and healthier  person for a much longer time. I love looking in my food cabinets now and seeing an array of bulk items, medicinal foods and so much less packaging   My  fridge is  filled with things that I’ve actually made and that actually taste good. I am building that healthy, whole foods kitchen I always craved and desired. And imagine me -  a total sweets freak - who can hardly handle the sweetness of raisins now!

I authentically feel really good!

April Charmaine, Artistic Director, Sol Vida Dance!